Our Vision

Our Vision, Purpose and Distinctives are derived from the revelation that God has given us in his Word the Bible and can be summed up in the words….

“Biblical Christianity”


To be a church with a passion to please and glorify God. A church that loves to worship and serve the Lord in ministry. A church that loves people and that God is clearly using to save and transform lives through a vital relationship to Jesus Christ through faith, by the power of the Holy Spirit. A vibrant, healthy, growing, visible, biblically Presbyterian and Reformed church serving the East Contra Costa County area.


Our passion is to please and glorify God in his church by

Evangelizing the nations,

Exalting the Lord in worship,

Equipping the saints in service.


We’re Trusting God’s Sovereignty:

We live with great joy, comfort and hope in light of the biblical teaching that God is perfectly and powerfully in control of every aspect of our life including our salvation from beginning to end. It is by God’s power alone that we are lifted out of our spiritual deadness and given a new life in Christ now and for eternity in heaven. Therefore, it is our joy to give glory to God in all things. This is a distinctive of the Reformed Faith.

We’re Christ-centered and Covenantal:

We will always have Christ as the centerpiece of every aspect of our ministry because salvation has always been (since the entrance of sin in the world) a gift of God’s grace received through faith in Jesus Christ alone. The Old Testament looked forward to Christ and the New Testament reveals Christ in all His glory. Through all of history God has related to His people by way of a covenant, the central promise being “I will be your God and you will be my people”. We rejoice that this promise is fulfilled by Christ.

We’re Presbyterian:

Our pastor is assisted by men, called “Elders,” who are godly, gifted, trained and called by God through the congregation to assist him in the leadership and spiritual oversight of the church. It is the Session (all the elders as they meet together) who is ultimately responsible before God for all the ministries of the church. There are also men who are called “Deacons” that lead in the mercy ministries of the church.

Presbyterian also means that we will join together with other Orthodox Presbyterian Churches (a biblically conservative Presbyterian denomination) for fellowship, service, and to help with difficult church issues that arise within the local church.


We’re Evangelistic - We are obedient to the “Great Commission” Jesus gave the church to make disciples of all nations by spreading the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ to those near to us and those around the world. Along with special local programs for evangelism and financial support of missionaries, each ministry of the church is inviting those who don’t know Christ to trust him as their Savior and Lord.

We’re Loving - We act out our love for God by our worship, service and obedience, loving God and people (in and outside the church) as Christ taught and exemplified in His life.

We’re Faithful - We believe all that God teaches us in His perfect word recorded in the Bible and put all our trust for our salvation and life in Christ alone. It also means that, by God’s grace we are faithful in our obedience to God and loyal in our commitment to love one another.

We’re Hopeful - We have stability, endurance, and joy because of our full assurance that God through the powerful working of the Holy Spirit is bringing us to our heavenly home and that until then our Father has a purpose for us here and will see us through all things for the sake of Christ.

Again, in short: “Biblical Christianity”