About Us

The most important aspect of any church is what they believe. What a church believes dictates what will be taught in the church as well as what guides the life of the church. 

Our Beliefs

The simple answer to the question of what we believe, teach and practice is this: We believe in Jesus, and we believe the historic Christian faith as revealed in the Bible, which is the very Word of God, the only guide for faith and practice.

Of course, that is a very short statement. The only problem with short statements of faith (like The Apostles Creed which we agree with) is that they do not tell you very much. In fact, a lot of churches might be willing to make such a statement.

Here is a statement of faith  written by the great theologian Benjamin Warfield that gives you a more detailed (even though he calls it "A brief and untechnical statement") account of what Delta Oaks believes. What a wonderful document!

For even a more detailed statement of what we believe the Bible to be teaching, look at the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Don't be overwhelmed by all this material. If the Christian faith is new to you and you are just starting to learn what it's all about, we want you to come and learn with us. Even to be a member of Delta Oaks only requires simple faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. So come grow with us.


Our Connection: The OPC

These days it’s not popular to belong to a denomination of churches but we see it as a great advantage as well as the Biblical thing to do.  In the New Testament we see a real connection between the churches.  For example:

  • they shared the same doctrine (Col.4:16),
  • they helped each other out in need (Rom.15:25f),
  • together they supported the work of missions (3 John 5f)
  • and came together to solve difficult problems within the church (Acts 15).

Although there is a level of independence within the local church there is also a great amount of connection between the churches of the New Testament.

   One of the great advantages of belonging to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church is that through our denomination, we are involved in the broader efforts of missions.  We are involved in the work of church planting in the United States as well as foreign missions around the world.

         Feel free to investigate the website of the denomination of which we belong.  One of the best parts of the website is “Questions and AnswersBesides interesting reading, it will give you a feeling of where we are as a church.



Would you like to be involved in starting an Orthodox Presbyterian Church in your area?  Bible study groups could be formed with a view to establishing a biblical Christ centered Orthodox Presbyterian Church.  If you desire to see an Orthodox Presbyterian Church formed in your area, or if you know of someone who is searching for a solid reformed church, please send your name, address, phone number and  e-mail to:

Pastor Mike Dengerink

Chairman of the Home Missions Committee

Phone: 925-516-2735

Email: [email protected]


Our Staff

Our Pastor

Our Pastor is Mike Dengerink. Pastor Mike is a native Californian.  He has been married to his high school sweetheart Pam for 39 years. They have four children and two beautiful granddaughter.  Pastor Mike was a general contractor in the Bay Area area until the Lord called him into full time ministry about 25 years ago.  He is a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary/CA.

Our Elders

Elders minister together with the pastor.  Together they are responsible for the church as a whole but especially the spiritual oversight of the church: the ministry of the word and prayer. Here are our elders:

George Mackenzie

Tony Supnet

John Davis

Our Deacons

Deacons are responsible for the physical needs of the church including the ministry of mercy.

Our Congregation

All the people of our church, in a way, are part of our staff.  We believe that God gives a place and gifts to everyone. So come and see how you can be a part of Delta Oaks.


Our Vision, Purpose & Distictives

Our Vision, Purpose and Distictives will tell you more about who we are.  I hope you can see that these statements are derived from the revelation that God has given us in his Word the Bible and can be summed up in the words: “Biblical Christianity”. Learn more